Leonard Courtwright

Leonard Courtright is a native of Chicago and attended Purdue University.

The 15 years he spent with an international service company focusing on service delivery processes and customer service prepared him well for the home improvement industry, which severely lacks the proper emphasis on customer service.

Leonard's focus on product delivery and his passion for putting the customer above all else have helped Allied enjoy significant growth in recent years despite a rough economic climate.

His involvement in community service efforts, including at his church, local school board and three not-for-profit boards, inspires his employees to participate similarly for which they receive time off from work for such endeavors. Leonard is also the driving force behind the program Allied Cares, which donates thousands of dollars each year to deserving organizations.

Leonard credits his personal relationship with God for his joy and success in life. He cherishes every minute with his high school sweetheart and wife of 22 years and their two wonderful loving children.

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